The Health Benefits of Drinking Wine Every Day

Wine is well-suited for many occasions. It pairs well with a fancy dinner, either at home or at a nice restaurant. It’s perfect for serving guests during a dinner party. It’s even well-suited to accompany a nice evening bubble bath or a great book.

In addition to its many uses as a classy alcoholic beverage, wine is actually quite beneficial to our health in a number of different ways. Many studies over the years have confirmed that drinking wine every day in moderation can help lower incidences of many conditions such as cardiovascular diseases.

What does ‘drinking in moderation’ mean? Studies have proven that the positive impact of wine stops when you drink it excessively. In fact, excessive drinking is quite detrimental to our health. Hence doctors and medical experts recommend the following service sizes:

  • 1 glass a day for women
  • 1-2 glasses a day for men

So how exactly does out health benefit from drinking wine? Let’s find out:

Wine Is Rich in Antioxidants

Free radicals are extremely harmful to our body and are known carcinogens. The most effective way to counter them is with antioxidants and fortunately for us, a glass of wine is all we need to fill up on the daily required amount of antioxidants.

Contrary to popular belief, white wine contains a higher amount of antioxidants than red wine. So if you’re drinking wine for this very purpose, purchase the former.

Wine Helps Lower the Risk of A Stroke

Wine, especially red wine, is rich in phenols which are mainly responsible for all these health benefits. In a study conducted by John Hopkins University, Phenols like resveratrol have been found to act as blood thinners, preventing and breaking down formations of blood clots that could otherwise result in strokes. Hence, if you have a genetic predisposition that leaves you more vulnerable to strokes, we recommend having a glass of red wine every day.

Again, make sure that you drink in moderation because excessive drinking can actually increase the risk of strokes.

Drinking wine every day can get quite expensive. An alternative is to make your own, using some quality home brewing products. It’ll save you a lot of money and it could turn out to be a fine activity.

Wine Helps Lower the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Want to healthy heart? Then drink a glass of wine a day. Research has shown that certain phenols in wine are effective in dealing with free radicals that specifically cause heart disease.

Furthermore, a study conducted by the Israel Institute of Technology found that blood vessel health improved when drinking red wine. A significant improvement in blood flow was noted.

Wine Helps Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

It has been found that resveratrol helps to lower LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) and increase HDL (‘good’ cholesterol). So if you’re having trouble with high cholesterol, have a glass of wine with your dinner.

These are just some of the main ways in which wine helps to keep us healthy. However make sure that you don’t drink excessively.

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